This is my NHL concept for a Minnesota Wild themed Winter Classic.
It would be the first game between a US/Canada team on New Years Day.

Vancouver Canucks Vs. Minnesota Wild at Target Field in the Twin Cities.

The Canucks would use a vintage logo, with an “Off White” branding for that day. The field would hopefully get some snow that day, as often it does in Minnesota in the winter.

The Wild would sport in the likeness of their current logo, with a heritage twist to it, adding a North Stars logo, and their beloved state of Minnesota.

Alot of stars, Tan/Green/Grey is the basic theme of my concept. I wanted earthy, nature based colors, as majestic as the LITERAL Minnesota wild (Not the team).

The stadium would be littered with Douglas Fir trees in areas that do not contain seating, and will not obstruct the view of play from any spectator seating.

Message me for more info, ideas, or concepts of your own!

All Concepts are watermarked with AG PHOTO/DESIGN, This is my company out of Burbank, CA. If stolen, I will use my rights to claim what is rightfully mine. Do not attempt to steal.

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